A Programmer’s Nasty Habbit


[digg-reddit-me] I just noticed something strange happened to me and it happened not only once. I tried to edit some xml file and just wanted to write a simple tag: . I tried it once and guess what happened: by some miracle the tag written there was . I corrected and then tried to close the tag: . Again I got . I repeated the experiment trying to write it quick a few times and I got similar results. After a few failed attempts I succeeded to be able to type strong.

And there is no wrong auto complete, there is no damaged keyboard, it’s just me. I’ve typed so much String words that I got the tendency to type string again, not mattering what I want to type.

I think it’s useless to say that I use to code in java a lot and I coded in c# a little bit. And I came with a solution to get rid of this nasty typing habit. From now on I’m gonna use instead of , whatever.