Category: Java Frameworks

  • How To Resize/Convert Images In Java

    Java comes by default with some classes to manipulate images. Those classes are located in java.awt package and are intended to be used for awt applications. For this reason they are not too rich in functionality to have enough options to control the resize quality. In the following snippet BufferedImage and ImageIO can be used […]

  • Google Guice Tutorial

    What is Google Guice Google Guice is a light java dependency inversion framework using annotations. It is developed by Google(Bob Lee and Kevin Bourrillion) and it is used internally by Google for their applications. Google Guice is sometimes considered an Inversion of Control Container but as their authors state it’s not a container, it’s just […]

  • Multimap in Google Collections Library

    I just took the Google Collections Library and start playing with it. I discovered a class I needed in many and many situations in the past. I’m talking about Multimap. Actually Multimap is an interface having a few classes implementing it. Along with some other interfaces it comes to fulfill a gap in the Java […]